Tips & Tricks

Here at AZPhotography, we want you to get the best photos possible, so we have put together some tricks

& tips to help you make the best of your photo sessions and achieve great photos!



For portraits we recommend wearing clothing that is simple, and solid colors. Crazy prints and colors can distract from you, the subject.  We also recommend wearing clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for where you have chosen to have photos taken. (for example, don’t wear high heels for photos in the grass.) For group photos it is best to wear colors that coordinate but don't match perfectly.



Equine Portraits

For equine portraits preparation is key! It is important to make sure your horse is brushed, bathed, and clean. It is best to have your horse ready to go a few minutes before your scheduled time even starts. It is important to make sure your horse is comfortable in the location you have chosen for the photoshoot. You should choose a color to wear that goes with your horse's color but doesn't stand out too much. For your horse's attire, we recommend your horse wears a nice bridle. Halters are okay, but bridles create a more put together photo. 


Riding Portraits

To prepare for riding portraits we again recommend  making sure your horse is clean and ready. Also, make sure your tack is clean and matching. Having a bridle and saddle that are different colors can be distracting in the photo. We also suggest wearing a color that compliments but doesn’t draw attention away from your horse or clash with their tack. Before your portrait session begins, warm up your horse and ensure they are comfortable in the desired location. Be sure to choose a location with adequate lighting. Lastly, it is best to have a plan of what kind of photos you want. (jumping, walking, bareback, etc.)